We're married couple, Seppo Aro (working as fysitrian) and Marita Laine-Aro (working as doctor). We have two almost adultage children, Mikko and Marjukka.
Leo-hobby is our whole familys interest.
We have had leonbergers since the middle of the 1980's. Our first leonberger, Daisy, came to Finland among 10 first leonbergers. Daisy was born in Leonberget'z kennel in Sweden, where we also got Ambassador of Atlantis and Ilska ur Lejonhjärtat and Granddesig of Royalty.
One of our most important breeding bitches is Zeldas Miss Moneypenny, who's father was from Switzerland, Ramon v. Villenburg, strong male with excellent position of legs, who bought nicely new bloodlines into our own Scandinavian lines. Now we have own Kinglord's leos, and time to time we try to bring new blood into our own lines
We're basic breeders in our breed, we're active in leonberger-life, follow the changes in breed and breeding quality. It's very important that breeder is active among breed and knows which bad or good qualities are in different lines, which qualities inherit better and which not so well. Breeder must take part into shows, so at judges can give feedback about the results of the breeding. Objectiv estimation is more important than you can even guess...
In our own, long line, composed, family-surround breeding (~1,5 litters / year) our aims among health, good temperament, are right position of legs, good anatomy, strong bones, beautiful colouring;
nice, great leonberger who brings joy into it's living surroundings!
First year is very important to this gigant breed. It's valuable that new owner gives the food which experienced breeder has adviced and dog can move freely enough. Best result comes when dog has good genotype, and right food and excersice in right balance.
As summary, we can say with pure heart, that leonberger is very easy to take care, have great nature and to be normal familydog it doens't need too much training.
We also say with our long experience, that leonberger doesn't change family when right puppy is choosen to right person/-s.
As breeders we have got everything we ever have dreamed about:
  • Our clubs special shows breederclass wins
  • WorldWinner show breeder class win
  • As first finnish leonberger breeder, breeder class win in abroad
  • Breeder of the year -tittle
  • Leonberger of the year -tittle
  • Our male, Kinglord's Mr De-Sevres won WorldWinner show and got tittle WorldWinner 2002
  • Also many wins in individual base
Even it has been great to get so much success as breeder, nothing doesn't warm our heart more that seeing how great, intelligent, and easily trained and harmonious typical leonberger can be, so loved among it's family and living surrounds.